Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CVS and Dillons Day

Went to CVS this morning after I took DD to preschool
There is a peelie pad at my CVS for a FREE 2L of pop WOO HOO

Spent more OOP then I wanted to but I love the Starbucks drinks.

Started with $2.00 ECB
3- Snickers $0.50
1-Bic Soleil $5.99
1- 2L Pepsi $1.69
Sub $9.18
-$2.00 ECB
-$1.69 (pop coupon)
-$5.00 (rain check from a while ago for the Razor)
= .49 + .02 OOP $.51
Recieved Back $4.00 ECB for Razor

1- Vit water $2.29
1- Always $4.98
1-2L 7-up $1.59
SUB $8.86
-$1.59 Pop Q
-$4.00 ECB
3.27 + .15 OOP $3.42
Recieved back $2.29 and $4.98

1-Well Patch $5.99
1- Vit D $2.99
1- 2L Rootbeer $1.59
Sub $10.57
-1.59 pop Q
-2.29 ECB
-4.98 ECB
1.71 + 0.07+ OOP $1.78
Recieved back $5.99 and $2.99

Should have stopped there but I didnt BLAH
3-Frapp Coffee $5.99
1-2L Sunkist
Sub $19.56
-$1.59 pop Q
-$2.99 ECB
-$5.99 ECB
8.99+.35= OOP $9.34
Recieved $5.00 ECB back
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Now to Dillons
I bought some 20 Cottnelle coupons on EBAY for $5.00 they came in the mail today
Bought 20 4-packs of TP
Total 19.80
-19.80 in coupons
Total $0.00
OOP $0.69 for tax
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Tosha said...

what a nice tp pyramid! I also love those starbucks drinks. DH has a recipe for a drink that is just as tastey, it takes forever to make though. If he gets it typed up would you like me to send it to you?

GottaLOVECoupons said...

Oh yes that would be so nice of you


alanajo said...


Those starbucks drinks look yummy!

GottaLOVECoupons said...

I know isnt it great

I told DH we would not have to buy TP for a year or more because I also did the TP deal at CVS a couple weeks ago. He was like No 6 months. LMAO We use a ton of TP, and I have no idea why

So Cal Savin Mama said...

Can't wait to get a TP deal like that!!!!!! way to go!!!

alana i was thinking the same thing about those yummmmmy starbucks drinks!

Tosha said...

He wrote this up a while ago, I just found it on the computer,lol.

1 Quart (32 ounces)---16oz coffee water -1 pot's worth of ground beans (8 oz boiled/steeped, 8 oz restrained)
8oz unsweetened chocolate soy milk
Just under 1 cup sugar
3-5oz white milk

Boil 8 oz water in small pot. Heat water on Stove. Put raw coffee grinds in a thermal thermos. When water begins to boil dump it into thermos. Shake very gently to mix water with grinds. Let stand 8-12 hours (overnight). In the morning strain through flour sifter or paper towel and then through coffee filter. Add sugar and instant coffee (for extra jolt) if desired. Put Strained mixture in freezer untill well chilled. Once chilled Fill remainder (of 32oz) approx 50/50 with ice and white milk and shake well. Serve extremely cold.