Monday, October 6, 2008

Trip to Dillons to look for deals

I just love Dillons. I go there a lot throught out the week to see what kind of deals I can find on meat and bread.

Well I packed up the kids this morning and off we went this is what I got....
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5 lbs of Hamburger for $4.99 (cant beat that)
2 packs of Salami 1 was $1.39 and the other was $1.99
1 cut Pineapple (which we LOVE but never buy it because it is normally $5.99)
For a total of $11.59
If I would have bought it at reg price it would have been around $24.00
Now I call that a deal

If you are new to deal hunting Dillons and Im sure other places mark down there meat that will be going out in a day or 2. I just bring it right home and in the deepfreeze it goes. The Salami however doesnt go out until 12/2008, but Im thinking they were wanting to get rid of it because the package was smashed but I do not care about that still tastes the same to us.

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