Friday, October 10, 2008

Had to make a CVS Run

I had to go to CVS today to pick up J some meds. And I had recieved a coupon to get a $25.00 GC with new script. So I spent 10.00 for the copay and made $25.00 off of it.
Then I went to shop ( I can not find the recipt so Im going off memory)
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Paper Towels $1.99
Skin Cream $3.99
Super Diaper Doo $5.99
Popcorn $ 2.19
Cookies $2.50
Pop $1.59
Tylenol $1.80
Sub $20.05
-5.00 (Skin Cream money maker)
-1.00 CRT For Paper towels
-100 Cookies CRT
-2.00 for Pop (peelie I found before)
-$8.80 ? in ECB
Total off of GC 2.25? Around there